Tour Des Fleurs Recap

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September 15, 2012 by Enoch Nadler

It was a perfect morning out on the lake today. Low 60’s with a slight breeze. I had a great 2 mile warm up with Barnabas and then we put on our race gear. We noticed several Kenyans and a few other fast out of town guys We both began to get excited for a fast competitive race. I got a good luck kiss from Angela and was ready to rock.

P1000259 P1000281 P1000306

We did our last strides and then took our place at the starting line. The gun went off and the race was underway. I moved to the front with one of the Kenyans that was from Houston. We came through the mile in 5:01 which was right on since I was hoping to run 5:00 min pace for the race. The next mile another Kenyan took the lead with an aggressive move but all of us in the front pack covered the surge. We came through 2 miles 9:55(4:53 for the 2nd mile due to the surge). Then the pack started to thin a bit and we hit 3 miles in 14:58 (5:03 for the 3rd mile). After 3 miles the Kenyan from Houston and I started to pull away a bit. My legs were feeling strong and I decided that I would wait until after mile 4 to see if I could thrown down a surge and pull away. We came through 4 miles side by side in 19:56 (4:58 for mile 4). Then I made my move. He covered my first surge so I regrouped and then around the next turn I committed to dropping the hammer. I started to pull away and came through 5 miles in 24:37 (4:41 for mile 5). I was really happy that I was able to change paces that much. At this point I had opened up a nice gap and was in position to close out the race. I kept pushing even though I was feeling it a bit and came through 6 miles in 29:43(5:05 for mile 6). At this point I was on the home stretch and started to kick it to the finish. I crossed the line in 30:33 (4:55 pace per mile). I was very pleased to have run faster then my goal and that I was able to outlast a strong field. I gave Angela a hug. I then turned around to cheer on Barnabas who took 3rd with minimal training due to work commitments. We then went down to cheer on Logan Sherman who won the 20k in 66:00. After a long cool down together we got our award money and some snacks.

Overall it was a great race and I am pleased with my progress thus far. I have a long way to go and a lot of miles ahead of me but I’m ready for the challenge. Thanks for following my journey and I can’t tell you how much your support means to me.


Thank you,



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