Addison Octoberfest 5k

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September 19, 2012 by Enoch Nadler

Today was the Addison Octoberfest 5k. Angela and I got up early and drove over to the race. We were greeted by Boo and Kim who got up early and came out to cheer us on. David also came along and some of my other friends met us at the sign up area for our warm up. We got in a nice warm up and checked out the course. It was an out and back with a slight hill over a bridge.

ocot oct2

I decided that on the way back I would really try and push in on the bridge. I got my good luck kiss from Angela and was ready to roll. After some strides we got on the line and then we were off. From the start I took the lead and pushed the pace. I felt solid and came through the mile in 4:41. Barnabas was still right on my heals but we had put some separation between us and the rest of the field. I kept pushing and really tried to attack the hill on the way back. I came through the 2 miles in 9:26 (4:45 for the 2nd mile) My legs were feeling a little flat from the race last week but I still felt strong so I kept pushing since Barnabas was still close behind. I hit 3 miles in 14:16 and kicked in for a time for 14:41. My goal was to run under 14:50 so I was really pleased with my time and effort. I turned around to cheer on Barnabas who was right behind in 14:55.

Also all my other friends ran awesome and put down PR’s or season PR’s. It was awesome to have Boo, Kim and David there cheering us on.

Last but not least I would like to thank my biggest fan Angela. She got up early to take great pics of all of us. I couldn’t train this hard or run near this fast without her love and support.

Please check back later for great pics and the final results.




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