Dallas Komen Race for the Cure 5k

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October 20, 2012 by Enoch Nadler

Dallas Morning New Article 

Official Results

Today I ran in the Dallas Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k. It was a huge event with around 20,000 people running/walking.

Last night myself and the other top runners in the area were all invited to the elite reception at the main Luke’s Locker running store here in Dallas. It was a great event and it was awesome seeing/meeting other top runners in Dallas. The event was very motivating and it made me realize just how big of a race it would be. Several survivors told their stories and this was very touching and made the event that much more special. We were also told that the winners would be interviewed on live TV which sounded fun. We even got a cool free racing singlet and some fast racing flats. And the winner of the race would receive a $750 gift card that can be used at all the stores in the Northpark mall and a roundtrip plane ticket. I left the event feeling a little nervous but mostly fired up and ready to run fast.

IMG_3782 IMG_3786 IMG_3798 IMG_3878 IMG_3899

After a restless night of sleep I woke up at 5:30am focused and excited for the race. Angela and I drove to the race and made our way over to the starting area. Luke’s had a great area set up for all the elite runners right next to the start. This was great for warming up and made for a nice fun atmosphere before the race. Barnabas and I met up with Logan, Sam and ran the course for our warm up. During this time I really focused on the hills and different turns to try and figure out a good race plan. I noticed at around 1.5 miles there was a sharp turn and steep uphill followed by a long down hill. I decided that this was the perfect place to really push it. After some stretching and strides I got my good luck kiss from Angela and I was ready for the start. Right from the gun I took the lead and Barnabas was right on my heals like I expected. We came through the first mile right at 4:40 and I was feeling pretty strong. For the next half mile I worked on controlling my breathing and getting focused for the big push at 1.5 miles. With Barnabas on my heals and Logan closing the gap we hit 1.5 miles and I did my best to surge and pick up the pace. I kept pushing hard for the next mile and was able to create some separation.The last half mile had a decent uphill climb but I was able to hold on for the win. I unofficially ran about 14:50 (4:40,4:45, 4:47). I did the Gator chomp as I crossed the line in celebration. It wasn’t easy but I was really happy to be able to push myself enough to beat some other awesome runners. It was a great feeling and bit of a relief to be done with the race and get the outcome I was hoping for.

After the race I did a few interviews with the Newspaper and Fox news. I will try and find a link to the interview and I will post it soon.

I would like to thank Boo, Lou and Melinda Hervey, and of course Angela for coming out bright and early to cheer me on.

Please check back soon for pics, results and interviews.

Thank you,



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