Spartan Beast 13 miler

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December 8, 2012 by Enoch Nadler

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Angela and I got up this morning at 4:00 am to make the two hour drive down to Glean Rose for the 13 mile Spartan Beast Obstacle Race. I guess I was pretty excited/nervous because I only slept about 3 hrs but I felt solid and ready to race. Angela, David and I set out at 5a.m. and the drive went by pretty fast. After a nice warm up I got in my gear and took my energy gel about 15 min before. I also put my other two energy gel packs into the pocket Angela sewed into my half tights ( she’s awesome!). I headed to the start line but since I am an unknown in the Spartan race world I wasn’t able to get to the front but I was only a row or two back. As the race started me and the other two top guys quickly separated from the field.

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I knew who they were from watching past race videos and looking at results. They are both from Utah and were elite runners that have shifted to winning all the spartan races. One was Hobie Call, who wins pretty much every race and the other was Cody Moat who beat Hobie in the recent Spartan Beast Championship in Vermont. I knew it was a tall order to beat them but I was planning on staying with them as long as I could. The first 2-3 miles didn’t have a ton of super challenging obstacles but it was extremely hilly and rocky. The whole course turned out to be hilly which I don’t get much practice running since Dallas is pretty flat. I felt comfortable as we cruised along until we got to the sand bag carry. It was a 30-40lb sand bag (not sure on the exact weight) that you had to carry up a super steep rocky hill and back down. At this point they put maybe 20-30 feet on me but I wasn’t too worried. We continued to run some more and do several more less challenging obstacles until we got to the bucket carry. It was a 5 gallon bucket that you had to fill with gravel and carry up another super steep rocky hill and back down again. At this point Hobie started to pull away but I also got a break since Cody didn’t fill his bucket to the line, about two inches from the top, and he had to do the whole thing over. I knew this was a huge break so I pushed hard the next few miles to put some distance on him. I felt really solid the next few miles and at mile 5 I took my next energy gel. I kept cruising till around mile 8 where you had to do a 1/4 mile lake swim in 50 degree water. It wasn’t too hard but the worse part was when I got out, my whole body felt stiff. I started to warm up on the next run section until I got to the next challenge. It was a cement cilinder that you had to hoist with a pulley about 25 feet into the air. Right away I realized that I had no chance of doing this so I started my penalty of 30 burpees. There were already two other previous obstacles that had a mandatory 10 burpees each so this brought my total to 50 and really zapped my arms. I only started preparing for this race about a month ago and in last years Spartan, the video showed that you only had to do squat thrusts which are way easier so I didn’t do any burpees in preparation. After doing these the very next obstacle was a log hop which is pretty easy and I had already done this obstacle once and had no problems. But, I had a slight mental lapse or something and fell so I limitedly had to do another 30 burpees. After doing this right away the Tyrolean Traverse was next and this was a high wire rope over water about 40 yrds long that you hung from and was really tough. I did this with no problem but my arms were really starting to feel all these upper body killers. After this I took my last Energy gel and my legs felt decent. Then less then a mile later we looped back by the start and I was still holding onto 2nd place but then I hit the next rope climb and my arms were spent. In front of everyone I struggled to get to the top of this rather simple challenge. The combination of all the burpees plus being socked and muddy I realized I was going to have to do another 30 burpees and gut it out. At this point Cody passed me which was pretty disheartening but I knew I had to push through it. I could hear Angela and David screaming which really helped but as I finished the last one I saw the guy in 4th finishing the rope climb. I knew that I really needed to push it the next 3 miles and not make any more mistakes if I wanted to get top 3 and finish on the podium and get any prize money. Finishing there was a lot of running with a few 7,8, and 9 foot double wall climbs that were tough but I was able to maneuver without too much trouble. Then coming into the last 1/2 mile I saw the infamous and challenging spear throw. I knew this would make or break me finishing in the top 3 so I was really happy I practiced last weekend with a broom stick at the pool. I nailed it and avoided doing another 30 burpees on top of the 110 I had already completed. I sprinted over the slip wall, hurdled the fire and finished in 1:53.xx and on the podium. I was happy that I had pushed through the pain and I was proud to have competed so hard. I had some cuts from all the barb wire crawls and off road running so I hosed off and put clean clothes on. All the racers and race directors were very surprised to find out that this was my first Spartan. Everyone was very friendly and it was a lot fun meeting the other competitors. At the awards ceremony I got a real spartan sword for 3rd place and $250. I had a great time and I really enjoyed this fun and challenging race format. I feel like if I really want to get to the next level in these I would probably need to up my lifting a lot and put on some upper body mass. This doesn’t really fit in with my running goals for the next few years so I don’t plan on focusing on these for the time being. I may do a few more for fun but nothing serious. I can’t thank Angela enough for helping me prepare for this race and for getting up so early and supporting me through such a tough challenge. Also, it was awesome that David got up at 4:30 this morning and went all that way to support me.

I know this was really long so thanks for taking the time to keep up with my journey. I could’t train this much with out all of your support.


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