Hot Chocolate 15K

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February 10, 2013 by Enoch Nadler

It was a cold breezy morning out at the Hot Chocolate 15k in Fair Park, Dallas. We arrived at 7am, parked, and headed over to the race area. After a nice warm up with Steve Pfiffner I completed the rest of my pre race rituals. I met with Barnabas right before the race to discuss my workout with him. He didn’t enter but he planned on running the first 6 or so miles with me and then letting me finish up on my own when I dropped the pace. When I got to the starting line I was surprised to see Logan Sherman there. I realized the race might be a little faster than I was hoping for with my original workout plan. Naturally I’m very competitive so I knew I wouldn’t be able to do resist going for the win later in the race. I decided to try and not push the pace early and hoped that it would stay modest for as long as possible.

IMG_2646 IMG_2690 IMG_2699 IMG_2701 IMG_2728 IMG_2735 IMG_2743

We set out and I was happy that the pace was right were I wanted. We hit 5:25 for the first mile and we chatted a bit amongst the group. The next two miles were right on at 5:24. We came through 5k in 16:42 and then things started to heat up a little. I was hoping to hit 5:15 pace for the next three but our first mile was 5:07, the next was 5:10 which wasn’t too far off pace.

Then things started to really get rolling. We hit 4:59 for mile six and came through 10k in 32:42 (15:56 for the 2nd 5k). At this point we were down to a pack of four which included Logan, Agustin, Barnabas and I. Angela, Boo and Dave were at this point on the course so it was nice to have some encouragement from team Nadler. The next mile Logan and I started to drop it and we began to pull away. We hit 4:54 for mile seven and I started to pull away a little. Right after mile seven there was a big bridge and as I crested it I dropped the hammer. I was happy with how my legs were feeling and I continued to push. I hit mile eight in 4:46 and put about a ten second gap on Logan. He was hanging tough though so I knew I would need to stay on it to keep him from closing the gap. I kept pushing through mile nine and hit 4:47. I cruised in the last .3 and finished up in 47:53. (15:11 for the last 5k) and 5:09 pace per mile for the race.

I’m really happy with how my legs felt even though I know this will take a little longer to recover from. My big 1/2 marathon is in three weeks so I should have enough time to come around. I’m really encouraged with how I felt and I think I’m ready to run really well for my first half.

Thanks for keeping up with my training and I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate everyones support.



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