Rock and Roll Race Recap:

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March 27, 2013 by Enoch Nadler

Video of Award Ceremony

I woke up Sunday morning around 3am to the sound of wind wisseling outside my window. I had looked at the weather forecast the night before so I knew wind was coming but this was sign of what we were in for on the course. I drank some water and then closed my eyes to get a little more sleep before my alarm would sound at 5am. My alarm went off and I got up and had a small bfast with Matt Hensley. Matt is a former teammate from Florida living in Boulder, CO that flew in to race this weekend. We joked about the wind and then bundled up to get a one mile warm up in before we headed up to the course. After the warm up I took a quick shower to warm up a little more and then we hit the road to get to the race.




My support,my family.

We parked and then after a short time Matt and I headed out for our warm up. We Dallas_RockNRoll_Half_013017 Dallas_RockNRoll_Half_13500   IMG_5793540739_434974363251703_184694275_n IMG_5918checked out the first mile or so of the course and the wind was pretty intense at about 20-25 miles a hour and to make matters worse it was only about 40 out (30 with the wind chill). We talked about our race plan some more and we hoped that we wouldn’t have to lead to much into the wind. After the warm up we did our drills and changed into our race gear. It was great having a teammate again, this is something I really miss.

It was cold standing at the start but they didn’t make us wait long. We got ready and the gun went off. Immediately it was clear that nobody was willing to take the lead so our pace was extremely slow. I knew with the bad conditions times were not as important but due to recent changes in the Rock and Roll prize money we still needed to run semi fast. At most races prize money is rewarded by place but RnR just changed it were you get $1,000 for sub 1:05, $500 for Sub 1:06 and $250 for sub 1:07. This change was not well advertised and I’m pretty sure the other runners were not aware of the change and thus didn’t want to lead early and help keep the pace honest. At the mile we came through in 5:28 about 30 seconds slower then where I hoped to be. This was a bad start and I realized that I was going to have to do a lot of work into the wind if I wanted to get in a solid time. Another guy Glenn Randall who ran at Dartmouth realized the same thing and we began taking turns leading into the wind. Over the next few miles we started to pick it up a little hitting 4:59, 5:08,5:06 and 5:09. This took us through 5 miles at about 25:50 which was still way off the pace were we needed to be. But nobody else was willing or able to lead so we continued to take turns facing the wind and cold. The next few miles turned slightly out of the wind and the pace started to pick up as we hit 5:01,5:00 and 5:05 through 8 miles. At this point we turned out of the wind and I decided it was time to take over. I knew it might cost me the win if I pushed the pace this early but I wasn’t willing to waste this race and not get a good effort out of it. I took the lead and started dropping the hammer. I hit 4:40 for the next mile and at this point only Sammy Kiplagat stayed with me. He had been unwilling to lead most of the race early so I knew he as going to stay tough right on my heels. I kept on the pace for the next mile and hit 4:41. At this point we turned back into a slight head wind but I kept leading and trying to push forward. The next two miles were 4:55,4:54. I was starting to really feel the effects of leading those hard miles and then Sammy put in a big surge right at one mile to go. I tried to cover it but was unable to find the strength. I kept pushing over the last mile to close in 4:51 but it wasn’t enough to make up the gap. I lost by about 5 seconds and missed breaking 1:06 by 1 second. This was a little frustrating but I knew that I had done all that I could to make sure it was tough race and something that will make me stronger and faster going forward. Angela was waiting for me at the finish with all my warm clothes which was awesome. Matt came in right behind me in 5th place and then we did a nice cool down.

I really appreciated my brother Noah and his Fiance Nina coming out in the freezing weather to watch the race. Also, David came out bright and early as usual so it was great to have him out there as well. Also, I would like to thank Matt Hensley who has been coaching me the past few months and has really helped me take it to the next level. Finally, I can’t thank Angela enough for all of the sacrifices she makes for my running and I truly couldn’t do it without her support.

I also would like to thank all the spectators that braved the cold weather and came out to watch. I had a lot of people all over the course cheering me on and this had a big impact on my race. Even though I’m not from Dallas the running community has embraced me as their own and I am truly grateful for this.

My next race is a 10 miler on April, 14th down in Austin. It should be a great field so I’m looking forward to getting after it again soon.

Thanks for all the support and love.


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