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April 24, 2013 by Enoch Nadler

Train Elite Interview:

“Enoch Nadler Grew up in a Florida town called Keystone Heights, located midway between Jacksonville and Gainesville. He attended Keystone Heights High, class of 2004, where he participated on the varsity track and cross country squad. During his high school career he posted personal bests of 4:27 in the 1,600m, 9:27 for the 3,200m, and 15:37 in the 5k (XC). Nadler took his talent to the University of Florida where he competed all four years. While at UF Enoch posted bests of 4:09 in the mile, 8:15 in the 3,000m, 8:54 in the 3k steeple, 14:24 in the 5,000m, and 23:46 in the 8K (XC). It is easy to say that Nadler had great success by the end of his collegiate year and a lot of runners may chalk this up as a successful end to a long career. That may have seemed the case for Enoch after a 4 year hiatus from the sport. Now he his back and racing on the roads. Enoch has hopes of achieving one of the greatest accomplishments for a distance runner, qualifying for the U.S. Olympic marathon team. After taking 4 years off from running he has one year of training under his belt. With that has been able to accomplish the following bests 5k: 14:26, 10k: 30:22, Half Marathon: 1:05:23 and this is only off 70 miles or less per week. Looks like Enoch has a lot of potential and plenty of time before the 2016 games. Lets see what he has to say!

TE: Enoch take us back to your final year of collegiate running and what was going through your head looking forward. Or were you even thinking ahead past your final meets yet?

Enoch: My final year at UF I wasn’t really thinking about what would come after it was all over. I was more just focused on finishing out my college career strong and helping out the team. I remember having a lot of mixed emotions, though. I was really sad that it was over, but at the same time I knew I needed a break.

Enoch: College running is awesome because you have a great group of guys all working together to accomplish something great. But at the same time it is also very demanding since you have to race year round with CC, Indoor track and outdoor track. That with the demands of classes and travel can really take its toll.

TE: Completely understood.

TE: How long did you take off from running before you decided you wanted to start training again? Did a switch turn on and all of sudden you decided you wanted to compete in the 2016 Olympic Marathon, or was this something that came on gradually?

Enoch: After college I knew I needed a break but I wasn’t sure how long that would be. The first six months or so were the most difficult. Even though running was the last thing I wanted to do during this time I still felt like there was a big void in my life. I had spent the better part of eight years living to run and then all of a sudden that was gone. It was a little depressing but I gradually transitioned into finding other things to focus my energy on.

Enoch: I knew that at some point I would start back running but I wasn’t sure when that would be. I generally only do things all out or nothing at all so if was gonna start training again it would be to get back to my highest level. I took a full four years off and then I started to finally feel like it was time to start running again. After a month or so I was already feeling solid so entered a few races and ran pretty well. This made me hungry to really start training again. I knew that if i wanted to push myself that I would need to set a goal to keep me motivated and focused. And the Olympic Trials seemed like a great goal to go for.

TE: You don’t kid around with your goals. You chose the most elite event a runner could qualify for!

TE: Walk us through when you started training again, to your first half marathon. what was your mileage, what type of runs and workouts were you doing? How long was it until you raced again what was your distance and time? How long was it until your first half marathon and what was your time?

Enoch: When I first started back I had been playing soccer weekly and I was still in pretty good shape as far as being at the same weight as when I used to run. This made it pretty easy to get back into form. I trained for about 6 weeks and then I entered a local 5k here in Dallas. I had run about 35 miles a week and I had no idea really what I was capable of. I went out with the leaders in 4:35. And then I fell well of the pace to finish in 3rd place in 15:24. I was pleased that I had already progressed that far but I knew that was mostly just off my ability and the fact that I had trained for so many years prior. This really motivated me to step back set some long term goals and take a smarter approach. Over the summer I put in a good base hitting 70-85 miles a week. My cardiovascular system slowly started to come back around and I ran some solid races in September and October. I hit 14:41 for 5k and 30:22 for 10k and I was finally starting to feel fit again. During this time I was coaching myself since I have a pretty good understanding of the training for the shorter distances. Over the winter I knew that it was time to get ready to take the next step and run a Half Marathon in the spring. I talked to my friend and former teammate Matt Hensley and he agreed to start coaching me to prepare for a Half and then a full down the road. I was back home in Florida in late January and entered the Mantazas 5k in St. Augustine. It was a lot of fun to be back on my home turf racing in front of family and friends. I ran 14:26 and I started to finally feel like I was back.

I used this momentum to get ready for my half. During this time I was running about 70 miles a week which is relatively low but I had only been back running about a year so I didn’t want to push too hard to early. Under Matt’s guidance I hit some solid workouts and I was feeling confident coming into the race. My goal for my first half was to run under 1:07. My race strategy was to be conservative early and then just compete over the middle to later stages of the race. I hung back early coming through the first 5 miles in 25:40. So about 5:08 pace. At this point the guys in my group were starting to slow down so I took control of the pace. I gradually started to drop down below 5 minute pace until around mile 10 when I hit a 4:44. I kept it up for the last 3 in around 4:55 pace and was able to run 4:59 pace to finish in a time of 1:05:23. I was a happy that I was able to run this well in my first one but I wouldn’t really say that I was surprised. The consistency I had put in over the past year and the long term approach gave me the strength to run well.

TE: You make it sound so easy. Those are times and splits people only dream of running, and here you are doing it off of almost high school mileage, four years off, and one year back. Amazing!

TE: If you’re okay with sharing these with us. What are your short term and long term goals? One of them obviously being making it to the Olympics.

Enoch: Short term I’m hoping I’m hoping to run under 1:05 at the USA Half Marathon Championships in June. That’s the time you need to run to qualify for the Olympic Trials. I will have to do it again to since you can’t get a qualifying time until August 1st but I feel that there is no reason to wait to till then to run fast. Then over the summer I really want to step up my training to get ready for a big fall. I’m hoping to run under 1:04 this fall. Then come spring I’m planning on getting back on the track. I have always wanted to break 14 min for the 5k so I’m gonna give that a shot. I never really ran it in college besides the doubling at SECs where I had already run the Steeple Chase the night before. Then after that I plan on stepping up to the full Marathon next fall. The Olympic trials is a full Marathon so I want to get in two or three solid ones before then.

TE: Great! any long term goals? Maybe a particular marathon time?

Enoch: Nothing long term. I try not to take it to serious. While I enjoy pushing myself and seeing how far and how fast I can run my main focus in enjoying it. I try to keep it fun and interesting.

TE: Most people would call running a 1:05 debut half marathon with the intentions of qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Games Marathon the definition of serious. But keep “enjoying it,” it’s working!

Enoch: Haha yea, I guess I’m more serious then I think

TE: When do you think you will be ready to race your debut marathon? or again have you not gotten this far ahead yet.

Enoch: I’m hoping that I will be ready by next fall but I’m gonna just take it one step at a time and wait till I’m really ready. I think transitioning into the Half was a lot easier then stepping up to the full. A lot can go wrong during a full and you need to be prepared for every phase to get it right.

TE: It’s good you’re taking a smart/safe approach.

Enoch: I’m defiantly looking forward to the challenge though and I’m excited to see how it goes.

Enoch: Yeah, I feel like it’s easy to want results right away but this often leads to training to hard to soon.

TE: Sure, running fast takes maturity a lot of younger runners can definitely learn from this.

Enoch: In college we always raced way too much and did all of our workouts at a very high intensity. This often led to burning out and feeling very fatigued at the end of the season. I’m trying to find the right balance that works the best for me. You have to push yourself enough that your continuing to get better but without getting hurt. I’ve found that consistency is one of if not the most important factors and that intensity isn’t as important.

Enoch: I usually only do one hard workout a week and then mix in a lot of other stimulus’s as well. Such as hill sprints, strides and fartleks.

TE: Fartleks are great especially for Florida runners who need to simulate hills. Unless they live in Clermont or Tallahassee!

TE: will definitely be following your progress. We and wish the best for your career. Any final words for those out there looking for inspiration?

Enoch: Work hard and anything is possible. You just have to stay true to yourself and believe in your ability.Thanks and I’m looking forward to working with in the future.

Enoch: I would also like to thank my Fiancé Angela Aker. She has been very supportive of my running and is a big reason I get out there every day and train. She comes to all of my races on her days off and as you know they start very early.

Enoch: She inspires me to always try and better myself each and every day.

TE: It’s great to have the support you do. Sometimes it’s not an easy job being a runner’s girlfriend, fiancée, or wife. Thanks for your time Enoch it is greatly appreciated!

Enoch: Thanks Andrew, I’ve really enjoyed talking with you and I look forward to doing it again soon.


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