USA Half Marathon Championships

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June 25, 2013 by Enoch Nadler

USA Half Marathon Championships

Interview by
Enoch Nadler Finished 30th place at the USA Half Marathon Championships in Duluth, Minnesota with a time of 1:04.37. This time means that Enoch Averaged 4:55 per mile for just over 13 miles. Yea that’s not a typo! After interviewing Enoch prior to this race we found out that he ran exactly the time that he planned. Maybe not in the exact fashion he planned, but that’s racing and it’s what defines a great, strong runner. We interviewed Enoch Nadler after the race and this is what he had to say: Enoch Congrats on your PR This past weekend at The USA Half Marathon Championships. How did you feel? How do you feel in regards to your time?

Enoch: Thanks it feels great to have improved on my PR and it was a really exciting weekend. I was a little nervous coming into the race since this was my first major championship race since running in college way back in 2008. I knew my training had been going well but I wasn’t really sure exactly where I was at so this was a huge confidence boost.

Enoch: Toeing the line with Olympians and top professions was pretty exciting and nerve racking. As soon as the gun went off I settled down and started to really focus on running my own race and executing my strategy.

DSCN1148 you finished 30th place and a course record was broken. Did you realize the field was going to be one of the most competitive year?

Enoch: Yea after looking over the pre race list of entries and talking with some of the other athletes I started to get sense that this was going to be an epic field with an high level of competition and depth. To have finished in 30th place in such an amazing field feels really great. Going through the race. Tell us about some of your major splits and any key events within the race that helped put you through a PR.






Enoch: My plan coming into the race was to start out around 5:00 min pace and then try to bring my pace down as the race progressed. As soon as the gun went off though I realized that if I wanted to keep contact with some of the top guys I would need to be much more aggressive early on.

I came through the first mile in 4:45 and I was in about 50th place. I knew that this pace was a little faster then I was ready to run so I backed off a tad over the next two miles hitting 4:53, 4:53 to hit the 5k in 15:03. To my surprise I was still feeling pretty strong despite the very aggressive early pace. I think I was in about 45th place at this point so I knew I would need to keep on it to move up some more. After coming through mile four in 4:58 I started to really move up hitting 4:54, 4:49 for the next two miles to come through 10k in 30:23 which was a new PR for me. At this point I had moved up to about 37th and I found a pack of guys that were running around the pace I was hoping to hold the rest of the way. This was great since at this point I was starting to feel the fast pace. I tucked into the pack and we started clicking off right under 5 min pace for the next 4 miles to come through 10 miles in 49:13. At this point I knew that I was on pace to do something special and I was close enough to the finish to start getting excited. I knew that still had 3 miles to go but I felt like I had enough left to hold on and maintain. I actually took the lead of our pack for a bit push the pace back down to around 4:55. Around mile 11.5 I my wife Angela was out of the course cheering me on and this really gave me the extra energy to push towards home. I focused on keeping my form strong and was able to close out the last two miles in 4:53,4:52. Sprinting down the finishing stretch I could see the clock and I knew that my goal of sub 1:05 was within reach and I was ecstatic. Despite being pretty tired I did my best to sprint hard and I was overcome with joy as I crossed the line. When I set this goal less than a year ago I felt like I had the dedication and talent to make it happen but even I was surprised that I was able to achieve it so soon. Incredible. What are your plans now in regards to rest, training, and racing?

Enoch: After having such a great race I’m tempted to keep racing. But with it being over 100 here in Dallas today and it only getting hotter over the next few months I know that’s not the best thing for my long term goals. I took yesterday and today off and then I’m going to start back tomorrow building my summer base. I feel like millage is one thing I can still run in this heat that will help me improve. I am very encouraged by my progress thus far so I can’t wait to see how much further and faster I can push myself in the coming months and years. Sounds great Enoch. Any races in sight for the fall?

Enoch: Yea I’m looking more towards late fall since it will be cooler by then. I’m planning to hit a local 10k in late September. I might run Rock and Roll Philadelphia in mid September depending on how training is progressing. This is a very competitive race with a lot of international pro’s. After that I will hit a few local Half Marathons here in Dallas in late October early November. All of that will be in preparation for the USA Half Marathon Championships taking place in Houston in January. After that I hope to get back on the track to lower my 5k and 10k PR’s before switching my focus to the marathon next winter and chasing the A standard of sub 2:15. Awesome Enoch I look forward to your progress. Thank you so much for your time and congrats on hitting an unbelievable mark. You have a great career ahead of you!

Enoch: Thanks Andrew I really appreciate all of the support I’ve received from and I look forward to continuing to work towards our goals together.


Enoch, Meb Keflezighi, & Angela


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