Brookhaven 5K , Norman, OK

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August 31, 2013 by Enoch Nadler

Yesterday I competed in the Brookhaven run in Norman, Oklahoma. My training has been going well since the USA half champs so I’ve been looking forward to getting back to racing. I’ve been putting in solid mileage but very little speed due to the heat. I knew going into the race it was going to be tough to run a fast pace but I was excited to get back into competing. Angela, Barnabas and I drove up on Friday night to stay close to the race. We talked with the race director and he told us about the other fast guys running the race. He said it was the most competitive 5k field ever assembled for a road race in Oklahoma. Barnabas and I were both excited for a fast race and a strong field.


After a good nights rest and a warm up in the 80 degree weather in Oklahoma that morning it was finally time to toe the line. The gun went off and I ran with the front pack for the first mile in 4:37.


I could tell the fast pace was taking its toll and the leaders began to pull away a little over the next mile. I held it together over the 2nd mile to hit two miles in 9:17, 4:40 for the 2nd mile. At this point I was really feeling my lack of work at this pace and I started to fall back from Barnabas and the leaders. I held on the last mile in 5:05 to finish in 14:59 and get 4th place overall. Fernando Cabada (2:12 marathoner) finished first in 14:27, Silas Kisorio (3:57 mile pr) was 2nd in 14:40, and Barnabas ran really well to get 3rd in 14:48. Both Barnabas and I haven’t raced recently so it made it difficult to compete with great runners who have been racing all summer.


Overall I am very happy with my effort and I feel like my training is lining up for a big fall of fast racing. I know my training isn’t geared to run fast in August so I just need to stay patient and work hard and the fast times will come soon!

I would like to thank my wonderful wife Angela for spending her Holliday weekend in Oklahoma. Getting up early and taking pics of a road race isn’t most peoples idea of a vaca. She is always so supportive and I couldn’t do this without her love and support.

Thanks for continuing to follow my journey!




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