Tour des Fleurs Recap 2013

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September 22, 2013 by Enoch Nadler

Tour des Fleurs Recap:
It was a beautiful morning out at the lake today. The cooler temps were a welcomed surprise and everyone seemed excited to be out and about. The 20k went off at 7am and then my race the 10k started at 7:40.


From the start I moved to the front and hit the mile in 4:45. I was feeling strong and came through mile two in 4:50. Then about half way through mile 3 the lead motorcycle took a turn that I was pretty sure was the wrong way. I asked the woman pointing us in that direction if she was sure and she said yes follow the cop. Against my better judgment I listened and followed. After another minute or two I was certain we were off course. Luckily they had just looped us back early so we hit the 4 mile marker only 3 miles into the race. I waved the lead motor cycle back to tell him this but he said lets just finish it out. All this stoping and talking broke my rhythm a bit but I cruised in to finish the 5.15 miles in 25:30 (4:58 pace per mile) It turned out that they pointed almost everyone else in the wrong direction. They also had runners go the wrong way in the 20k with some runners doing the full course the majority cutting off about 1 mile. This caused for mass confusion after the race since there was prize money on the line and a lot to be sorted. The race directors did a good job talking with all the top runners and they brought us into a room after to discuss what should be done.


Running coordinator trying to figure out prize money with top finishers.

Fortunately runners are generally very honest and good people so everyone worked it out with out any problems. We were all awarded the correct finishing position based of how each runner was doing before the wrong turns and how we finished. In the end several new friends were made and I was awarded first place. I was a little disappointed to miss out on running the full 10k but I feel very happy about where my training is and I know there will be plenty more races in the near future. My training partners Barnabas and Augustin ran the 20k and finished 1st and 2nd respectively. They both ran awesome races and I’m excited to see how fast we can all run in the coming weeks.



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