Space City 10 miler Recap

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October 14, 2013 by Enoch Nadler

This past weekend I competed in the Space City 10 Miler down in Houston. Training has been going well since Tour Des Fleurs and I came into the race feeling confident and excited to start the final weeks of my fall racing season.

Barnabas, Angela, and I drove down on Saturday night to stay at a hotel near the race. We had a healthy home packed meal and got to bed at a decent hour. We woke up early to head over for the 7am race start.


The weather was warm around 75 with extremely high humidity. After a quick two mile warm up we were already drenched. Luckily being from Florida I’ve experienced similar weather on many runs. During our warm up we saw Sammy Kiplagat (a Kenyan who trains in Austin) so we knew we were in for a fast race and stiff competition. I raced Sammy earlier this spring at Rock and Roll Dallas Half and he out kicked me over the final few miles for the win. All summer I’ve been training hard in anticipation of racing him again so I was excited to see him. He also beat Barnabas at a 10k this past May so Barnabus also was excited to get some revenge. This race had an extra dynamic since they were offering $100 premiums to whoever was in the lead at the 2,4, and 6 mile markers along with the $500, $300, and $100 for the top 3 finishers. Barnabas and I discussed our plan and we decided he would challenge Sammy for the first premium at the 2 mile mark since he has more speed than I do.


Then from there we would work together to try and take the next two. After a good luck kiss from Angela we lined up and the gun went off. Sammy went right to the front and we tucked in behind for the first mile.


We came through in 4:56 and Sammy continued to push it. About half way through the 2nd mile Barnabas surged to lead and pushed hard to take the first premium. Sammy tried to cover the move but Barnabas’s speed was too much. I hung back a bit and slowly regained contact with them hitting mile two in 4:46. Mile 3 slowed a bit as we hit it all together in 4:58. About a half a mile before the second premium Barnabas was starting to fall back a bit from the hard effort on the first one. Also, Barnabas had a cold so I knew he was having a hard time breathing in the near 100% humidity. I decided I would need to take the second premium and I pushed to the front with about a half a mile to go. Sammy covered my move at first but then I was able to pull away. I think he was feeling the affects of the fight with Barnabas for the fist premium. I came through mile 4 in 4:49 and I had created a sizable gap so I decided the best plan was to push on alone. I kept on it, hitting mile 5 in 4:56 and mile 6 in 4:55 to take the 6 mile premium. At this point I took a glance back and I was happy to see that Barnabas had overtaken Sammy and was comfortably in second. I continued to work hard but I was starting to feel the affects of the early fast pace and warm humid weather. I clicked off mile 7 in 5:00 and then started to slow a little over the next few miles to close in 5:09, 5:15, 5:22 for a total time of 50:25 for 10 miles (5:03 average).



Barnabus and I are racing again on Saturday so I backed off a little over the final miles but to be honest I don’t think I could have closed too much faster since the humidity was brutal. During the race I think about seeing Angela at the finish since she is always so excited for me, this makes all the hard work and suffering out on the course worth it! Barnabas hung on strong to finish in 2nd and we were both happy to have worked well together to secure the top spots and the premiums. We had a nice cool down and then got our awards. After a shower at the hotel and a nice lunch we made the long drive back up to Dallas.


Sammy Kiplagat, Enoch Nadler, & Barnabus Kiriu

I will have a short week of easy running in preparation for the Dallas Komen race for the Cure this Saturday. Then in just under 3 weeks I will have the final race of the fall season, the Dallas Running Club Half Marathon. Sammy will be making the trip up for that so Barnabas and I are looking forward to another great race and fast times.

I would like to thank my amazing wife for spending her weekend supporting our goal of me making the Olympic Marathon Trials. I couldn’t do it without her love and support. She will be posting a complete Album soon so check back for some great pics.

Thanks again for your support and continuing to follow me on my Journey!


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