Turkey Trot Recap


December 2, 2013 by Enoch Nadler

Since the DRC Half a month ago I’ve been getting back into the swing of things. My legs felt pretty flat the weeks following the DRC Half so I wasn’t really sure if I was going to run in the Dallas Turkey Trot. I decided I would just wait till closer to race day and make a last minute decision. Then about a week before the race my legs started to come back so I decided I would give it ago and get in one last race for 2013. I knew going into the 8 mile race that I would face some stiff competition from local talent along with college guys that come back into town to visit family over the break. With no workouts over the past month and just some easy running and lower mileage I knew I wasn’t in race shape but with my legs back to feeling good I was confident I would be able to put a up a good performance and compete and enjoy the race.
Angela and I got up early on Thursday morning to beat the crowds to find parking
close to the race. This is a huge event that attracts close to 40,000 participants so we were expecting it to be very chaotic. We arrived about an hour and half early and to our surprise we found parking right near the race. We stayed in the car to avoid the 35 degree weather for as long as we could before I headed out for a nice 2 mile warm up. My legs felt great and the crisp morning air fueled my excitement to be back racing one last time for the year.
After a good warm up and stripping down into my race gear I lined up with many familiar faces and a few new ones. As the gun went off I found my self in a pack of four other guys and the pace seemed pretty fast for the 8 mile race. Two young guys led us through the first mile in 4:57, they seemed to be breathing vary hard and it turned out they were running the 5k so that explained why they were pushing it. They kept on it to hit mile two in 4:54 then they started to fade a bit and another runner took the lead. This guy looked much easier running at this pace and I could tell he was a serious contender. I was starting to feel the effects of the faster pace and lack of workouts leading up to the race but I knew I had to stick with him if I wanted any shot of winning. He took us through mile three in 4:55 and then he really dropped the hammer on mile four over a down hill section. I did my best to cover his move and we came through mile four in 4:38 and he was starting to gap me by a few seconds. Over the next mile I tried to keep contact but my body was feeling the effects of the sub 5 minute pace with out any work at or anywhere near this pace. I managed to stay strong through mile five running 4:56 and then I started to slow down a bit. I kept working to catch him but I was unable to push any faster and close the gap. Mile six, seven, and eight were into the wind and had some up hill sections and I felt the effects of the earlier pace hitting 5:09, 5:16, 5:16 respectively. I finished about 20 seconds behind the leader with my time of 40:20. After I crossed the line I introduced myself and found out his name was Colby Lowe. I had heard the name before and I was familiar with some of his accomplishments. Colby competed for OSU and has PR’s of 13:40 for the 5k and 28:40 for the 10k in college and had been training in Michigan for the past year or so with Hanson Brooks running project, a pro running team. I found out he just moved back to town this week and that he went to high school in south Dallas. I told him about the guys I train with and where we meet for workouts and long runs and that he should start meeting with us. It’s very exciting to have another top level guy to train with and I know he will help take Barnabas, my self, and the other guys to another level. You can never have too many fast guys to train and race against so it’s great to add another top level guy to the group. I saw many other people I knew after the race and I was happy to hear that many of them had great races and that Dawn finished 1st in the Women’s race.  After a surprisingly quick awards ceremony we headed to the car to drive home to enjoy the rest of our Thanksgiving.
Overall it was a great event that was extremely well run and it was a fun way to start off Thanksgiving. This is the first time I’ve raced on Thanksgiving day and I think it’s a great tradition that I hope to continue over the years.
Thanks for keeping up with my Journey and please check back later this week as I reveal the secret training destination I will be visiting over Christmas and the Olympian I will be training with.

One thought on “Turkey Trot Recap

  1. piratebobcat says:

    Congrats bud! Keep up the good work!

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