Florida Sun and Wedding Fun


December 10, 2013 by Enoch Nadler

Over the weekend I escaped the cold Dallas weather and headed to Florida for my friend’s and ex Gator teammates, Justin and Ashlyn’s wedding. I got in a day early and spent the night with my mom in Hawthorne. It was unseasonably warm even for Florida, with temps in the high 80’s. I wasn’t complaining though since Dallas was getting blasted with an ice storm that was so severe that the Dallas Marathon was canceled. It was great catching up with my mom and seeing her beautiful winter garden.

photo 4 (11)

I got in a nice 11 mile run on the Gainesville to Hawthorn Trail and I worked up a nice sweat before heading over to St. Augustine for the wedding.


Upon arriving in St. Augustine I attended Justin and Ashlyn’s rehearsal dinner and enjoyed good company and great food. After a few drinks the other groomsmen and I retired somewhat early to rest up for the wedding. In the morning I got in a hot and sunny 9 mile run with Justin and the other groomsmen, John and Alex. It was fun running with two of my old teammates and I enjoyed the weather knowing I would have been stuck on a treadmill back in Dallas. Later that day after helping Justin practice his first kiss (there was no kissing involved) we got dressed for the wedding. Justin is from Scotland so we wore kilts that had been flown in from across the pond. Putting them on was a bit of an ordeal but surprisingly they were pretty comfortable, who knew a skirt could feel so good!
The wedding was phenomenal and it was great to see two wonderful people become one. The reception was a blast and the Scots sure know how to party! It was also great catching up with my old teammate and friend, Jeremy Criscione and his lovely wife Bessie. Jeremy ran in the 2012 Olympic trials and has already qualified for the 2016 trials. I enjoyed hearing about his training and I am looking forward to racing with him in Houston next month. On Sunday I said my good-byes and headed to the airport.
After enjoying a nice lunch in the 85 degree weather in Orlando I boarded my plane for Dallas. After a long delay in Birmingham, due to the icy conditions in Dallas, I finally landed at around 1am Monday morning. The drive from the airport was slow and nerve-racking and quickly made me long for the warm sun I was in only hours before. After sleeping in on Monday morning I headed out into the ice and snow with lots of warm weather gear on. It was a bit of a contrast going from the heat to freezing cold temps but thats what keeps life interesting.
Tomorrow I will reveal the location of my two week winter training trip and the Olympian I will be running with during my stay.
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4 thoughts on “Florida Sun and Wedding Fun

  1. Lee Ann Crane says:

    I am loving your posts! And so nice that you got to reconnect with old friends. I remember Jeremy C. Wishing you a wonderful holiday and great training!

    Lee Ann

  2. piratebobcat says:

    It’s been miserable here in Dallas for runners this past week. We really need that ice to melt!
    Yes, Scots can party! I was on a flight from Edinburgh to Dublin and let me tell you, that was the loudest, drinkingest plane I’ve ever seen!

  3. So glad you got a chance to escape, relax a bit, and catch up with friends! I was home in Dallas for part of the weekend and was still running, but dodging ice slows you down significantly (even us slow pokes!) so it would not have been ideal for your training. One of my biggest tips to enjoy weddings “guilt free” while still staying healthy is to continue your regular workout patterns … looks like you’re all over it, not that I had any doubts!

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