DRC Frigid 10k Workout Race


January 4, 2014 by Enoch Nadler

This morning I ran in the DRC Frigid 10k out at White Rock Lake. Since returning home from Ecuador I have acclimated to the cold and I am feeling fit and strong for the USA Half Marathon Champs in Houston on January 19th. Earlier this week I had a great 8 mile tempo workout and I decided to use this race as one of my final tuneups for Houston. My plan was to run 5:30,5:25, 5:20 for the first 3 miles, then drop it down to Half Marathon pace of 4:55 for the last 3 miles. My friend Matt Market who runs for UT Tyler came out to run the 5k so I did a nice easy warmup with him.


Lucky for us it wasn’t too cold this morning with temps in the low 40’s. There was a pretty steady breeze though which did make it feel a bit colder. After our warmup we lined up and the gun went off.


We settled in the first mile going into a pretty strong headwind and hit 5:35. At his point I knew we needed to pick it up a bit so we pushed the pace and pulled away from the pack. At a mile and half Matt turned around and it was a solo effort from that point on. The 2nd mile had a nice down hill and I ran a 5:13 which was a little faster then I had planned but I knew the hill was partly to blame. I continued to cruise to hit mile 3 in 5:12 to come through the first 5k in 16:35. At this point I started to push and hit mile 4 in 4:55. It was a tough mile with a strong headwind but I stayed controlled. Mile 5 was by far the hardest with a big up hill but I managed to stay close to my pace to hit 4:58. From this point on I had the wind at my back and I closed the final mile in 4:48 and 15:15 for the final 5k for a finishing time of 31:49.


Overall I feel like it was a great workout and I am hoping it will be the final push I needed to get ready for my big race in two weeks. I’m not sure if another sub 1:05 is within reach right now but I am going for it. It’s always hard to gage your fitness but I know I’ve done some quality work the last few weeks so I’m feeling confident.


After the award ceremony and a quick snack we headed home. My legs are a little sore so I put on my recovery compression socks and quad sleeves from %110 Play Harder. They have pockets for ice sheets that really help with recovery so I am hoping they will do the trick on my sore calves .

recovery sleeves from %110 Play Harder

recovery sleeves from %110 Play Harder

I want to thank my beautiful wife Angela for always braving the conditions and early mornings to support me in my pursuits and for the amazing pics. Also a special thanks to Boo and Matt for coming out to run and support me!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my Ecuador Winter Training Trip Recap!

Thanks for continuing to follow my journey,


4 thoughts on “DRC Frigid 10k Workout Race

  1. piratebobcat says:

    Congrats! I know how windy it was this morning!!!

  2. Delphine Gilbertson says:

    Great job!!! Amazing really!!!!

  3. Congratulations on another amazing race!!! I get so excited when your race recaps pop up in my email! Thanks for sharing about 110% … I’ve been wanting those for SO long, but they’re so much more expensive than other compression gear that I usually buy. I think you’re adding to my desire to buy them, though!

  4. Jimmy says:

    Awesome race man. I ran it too, took me a little bit longer to finish, lol. Keep up the hard work dude.

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