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Enoch’s weight room routine for runners video:

Warmup and Stretching Routine:

I do most of my runs in the morning so this makes it even more important to warmup properly to avoid injury and make sure you are getting the most out of your exercise routine.

Before I lace up and head out the door to do my active warm I first spend 15-20 minutes using my foam roller and completing my Glute activation exercises(see link below). Most of us spend the majority of our time during the work week sitting and this causes our glutes to stop working and become inactive and weak. I’ve been focusing on this a lot and its making a huge difference in my training. I would recommend doing these before your easy runs a few days a week or if you have time before every run is even better.

Next I do a 2-3 min jog before I start my form drills(see video below). Each drill targets specific muscle groups using movements designed help improve the overall efficiency in your running form. The number of drills may seem intimidating at first but just try to do four or five that you are familiar with and then add a new one each week until you have incorporated all of them into your routine.

After my runs I usually spend another 15 minutes doing more work on the foam roller and some light static stretching.

Then in the evenings I spend another 30 minutes doing some light message flexibility and strengthening my Glutes with this routine.

I hope this will help you with your warmup routines and make you a more complete and healthy runner.

I look forward to sharing some more training tips with you in the future.




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