As a runner or any athlete is very important that you take care of your body. These are some of the things I use to stay hydrated, recover properly, and meet my nutrition needs.


An estimated 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Hydration is vital for any athlete, especially for endurance athletes. Being a Florida Gator I’ve had my share of Gatorade over the years. While Gatorade tastes great and provides the electrolytes you need it also is packed with tons of unnecessary sugar. On average, Americans consume 130 pounds of sugar per person, per year. Sugar has been directly related to heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. Also, beverages containing large amounts of sugar can accelerate the dehydration process. Sugar requires water from the body in order to be digested, leaving less water to properly fuel muscle and brain function. Recently I’ve made the switch to Nuun electrolyte tablets and I couldn’t be happier. They are sugar-free and you just drop them in your water, within 2 min you have an awesome sports drink. They can be found online or almost any grocery or sports store. I generally drink about one gallon of water per day and I would encourage everyone to track your water consumption to make sure you are meeting your hydration goals. You should be aiming to consume 2/3 of your body weight in ounces per day, plus 12 additional ounces for every 30 min of exercise.


Over the years I have tried countless types of protein bars and recovery shakes. While some have been viable options I’ve never found one that I’ve liked as much as Source Organic Whey. It has no added sweeteners, preservatives, colors, or flavors and it doesn’t upset my stomach. It mixes well with water, OJ, shakes or any milk. I personally prefer mixing it with Almond milk. I would recommend that anyone who exercises to take some form protein within 30 min of completing your workout. This will ensure you gain the benefits of the workout and recover properly.

Check out the link below for more info.


While I try to eat a complete diet that meets all of my nutrition needs I still take some vitamins. Flaxseed Oil (2x week) Fish oil (2x week) Men’s Multi (Daily) B-12 (Daily) Iron (3x week). I am not a nutritionist so I encourage anyone that is looking to add vitamins or supplements to their diet to consult with one first.


One thought on “Recovery

  1. Lauri says:

    Are you a vegetarian runner? I see that you use whey protein which is derived from milk but you eat tofu and beans and stuff. I’m a vegan runner myself and it is inspiring to see plantpowered athletes in the top! 🙂

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